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CaptBob Review For ilFornino Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven 5

CaptBob Review For ilFornino Basic Wood Fired Pizza Oven


First, this oven is made in China and can be ordered from China, but your transportation costs alone are more than double what is being charged here. Our oven arrived 7 days after we ordered it (amazing given the weight and where we live). It took 3 of us two hours to assemble. My only nitpicks were that there was a dent in the front shelf where it had been damaged in shipping, and one of the welds in the bottom rack broke when the leg was moved prior to adding the top brace, (not a problem ultimately, but a little disconcerting at first). I thought it would take 6 men to lift the oven onto the rack, but it only took 4 moderately strong people to put it on the rack (each person had to lift about 60 lbs with one hand). Reading other reviews of this oven, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t heat up properly. It comes with a small thermometer on the door that goes to 700F. We got it there in less than 40 minutes, but kept the fire going for another 20 minutes to ensure the whole thing was heated, and the temperature needle was buried way past 700 degrees. Our first pizza was done in under a minute (perfect). If anything, it was too hot: I charred a few attempts because I didn’t turn them fast enough. My wife has figured out a great dough recipe based on Jeff Varasano’s recipe, adjusted for our altitude (4800 ft), climate (very dry), and local wheat flour. I spent a couple years in southern Italy and am extremely pleased with how the pizza’s cooked. My pizza making skills just need to improve a bit. Based on our shopping around, this oven represents a very good value and it worked perfectly for our needs. It gives off a bit of heat, but that’s exactly what we need where we are. Can’t wait to use it more.

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