Matt McWilliams Review for ilFornino New York

Special Thanks to Matt McWilliams for reviewing recently purchased products. We highly appreciate all of our customer’s feedback…

” I searched ovens for the past few months, and finally stumbled upon ilFornino. We have been making our own neoplitan dough for a few years, but our grill just never got hot enough. Purchased this on a Sunday, and it arrived the following Tuesday…and packaged very nicely(even the shipping company commented on how nicely it was packaged to prevent any damage on the way.) I have since used the oven daily, and continually perfecting my pies! I purchased the heat sensor from Amazon, the floor temperature hit 950°, perfect for my pizzas ! I am beyond happy with my purchase, cant wait to share more creations with my friends and family over the years!”

– Matt McWilliams

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