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Howard S. Review for ilFornino Wood Fired Ovens 5

Howard S. Review for ilFornino Wood Fired Ovens

ilFornino New York2021-03-01T06:32:55+00:00

I was walking down Arthur Avenue in the Bronx on a foodie tour I was giving and standing outside Cerini Coffee and Gifts was a Pizza Oven. All stainless steel and shiny on wheels with one big stone inside. I remembered that last year my friend Santi bought a smaller version of the one we were looking at. The pizzas that came out of his Il Fornino were stunning and delish. Fast forward to a few days later when my dear friend told me to look up this Pizza Oven that he wanted to get for his wife for their anniversary. I looked it up and it was an Il Fornino. The bigger version “Mini Professional”. I told him “Good Choice!” as they say at Rao’s on Mt Pleasant Ave. He had it delivered and that day we made pizzas and again they were stunning with store-bought dough but our great ingredients. Fast forward to my birthday and my very significant other says “Let’s go for a ride but get John’s Yukon truck.” We get the truck and guess what? We are on our way to Valley Cottage to Il Fornino because she has purchased the same exact one that we salivated over that our friend had gotten. Chris, the owner, and brother in law of Cerini Coffee and Gifts was terrific. You enter and get the pre-requisite expresso and while you are buzzing around from the caffeine you get a tour of the pizza oven you just bought. Fire starting instructions and dough recipe in hand, we schlepped our very own brand new pizza oven home and assembled it with our friend Joel and his Dad. The next day we started making real wood-fired pizza in our backyard. We made 4 pizzas. Number one we burnt to a sort of crisp, number two was messy, number three was far better and number four was PERFECT. We have used our new oven often and once you get the hang of it and watch enough videos on you Youtube you don’t ever have to go out for pizza again. The whole staff at il Fornino was gracious and helpful and I would recommend them and this oven hands down. Tonight we are making a White Clam Pie from New Haven, CT. 🙂

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Highland, NY
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