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Jason Slagle


This is a very attractive pizza oven and that was one of the most important reasons for purchasing it. I did not want something ugly on my lovely patio. The insulated version (professional) does a good job of holding heat. I usually get the surface up to 700-800 degrees and the top 1000-1200. When you close it up and throw something in to cook overnight you’ll wake up to around 150-200 degrees (at least in warm weather). The stone on the bottom is about an inch thick and really makes wonderful pizzas. In theory you could fit 2-3 pizzas in there at a time but they cook so quickly (2-4 minutes) there’s no need to crowd it.

The only cons are the bolts on the sides are rusting from the inside. I suspect the steel is treated to be rust proof prior to manufacture. Once the steel is cut into bolt threads and phillips head, it exposes untreated steel and that is where the rust is. This is minor but a cosmetic flaw. The only other problem is one I hope the manufacturer will correct. As you can see in my picture, I have a roof over my oven and need to extend the chimney through it. Currently the manufacturer does not offer extensions or even pieces of the stainless pipe. Once they do this will certainly be a 5-star oven.

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