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Kurt 5



Great investment. The shipping was incredible! I didn’t expect the oven to be so well packaged. I uncrated using a screw gun with Phillips bit. Installed the casters with the standstill in the box. Easy to assemble as the stand is designed to be unpacked first. I did call for clarification since the instructions were unclear about the handles. There are 4 large screws that are removable from the bottom sides of the oven and temporary handles (supplied) are screwed in to make the oven easy to lift onto the stand (with helpers…it’s heavy).
Fired it up at a family gathering with over 20 and let everyone design their own pizza. Worked like a charm right out of the box. Everyone was wowed and ate more than they should have.
Tonight I’m branching out with steak and potatoes.
The oven comes with a large standard peel and is great for pulling pizza but I would recommend a wooden one to help the dough slide off and a smaller stainless peel to rotate the food and adjust the fire.
A brush is included as well and helps keep the floor clean between pizzas.
There is a grate on the floor at the back of the oven with a drawer to sweep and remove ashes. At 800+ degrees the ashes were few and fine.
This is a solid piece of equipment. Bigger than I expected.
As mentioned, I did call for support and got an immediate response.
I think this oven was a GREAT investment!

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