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Great awesome pizza oven. Needed help of a friend setting it up. Setup was easy took us about 45 min. Its heavy so have 2 strong guys to do this I also took 4 concrete deck support anchor blocks painted them red and put them below the cart to raise it up about 8 inches I locked the wheels to keep them from moving and the wheels fit perfectly in the slot of the anchor blocks then we put the pizza oven on top of the cart. Now I can see straight in the oven without bending over and I think it completes the look of it. Got alot of compliments on how it looks. You can put it right on the ground too and that way you can move it around with the wheels if you have to. Once you put it on the blocks remember your not going to be able to roll it anywhere so make sure if you do this its were your always planning on leaving it. I dont really see a need to have to move it around I have two bbq in my back yard on wheels also and I can’t remember the last time I ever moved them to different places to cook they stay right were they are besides if you roll this oven around you risk the chance of cracking the fire stones. Hope this helps. Update: so I have this oven a week now and I’d like to give you an update on pros and cons…the cons are 1: its very heavy but only before it goes on the cart 2: the welds on the cart are ok but dont expect it to look all nice and shiny there are a few scratches and smug rubs that will not come out but it does give it caricature 3: you will burn your hands not in a bad way but you will feel the extreme heat so if you can’t take that burn like pain I suggest you were leather gloves. 4: you will be spending a lot of money on tools, pizza spinners for sure the peel with the round head a good one will run you about 70 bucks dont waste your money on those short handles cheap ones there just not worth it and with short handle means your hands will be close to the oven mouth and you will feel that burn pain. You’ll need a good long handle square metal peel to slide the finished pizza out with about 80 bucks on Amazon dont buy a cheap one they will break the welds will snap. An Ash shovel will run you about 50/ 60 bucks for one with a long handle amazon has a good one with long handle for 48 bucks. You’ll need a good size wooden peel to make the pizza on with long handle and slide it in the oven with the wooden peel. That’s all the wooden peel is used for making the pizza on it and sliding it in the oven then put it on the side and use the round metal peel to spin your pizza around their about 80 bucks on Amazon so the side facing the flames doesn’t burn. A good stainless steel cart next to your oven to lay your tools on and prep your pizzas. About 90 bucks on Amazon. The steel wire brush it comes with is ok for now but you will need a flame proof soft brush to clean off the ash before you lay your pizza down the steel ones are not great at getting that thin layer of ash off and if you use the steel brush only eventually a wire bristle will fall off and land on the stone and when someone bites into that piece of wire you’ll hear it…not a good thing. Get the soft brush right before you put in your pizza. These things all add up so expect to shell out about 400 to 500 extra bucks on extras including a wood rack to hold all your wood dont put your wood on the bottom rack it won’t hold much wood without rolling off the sides and your scratch up the shelf. These are amongst other things you’ll need. The pros : customer service at ilfornino is awesome Marsha who answers the phone is a gem to talk with and Jimmy and the builders in the back are all great guys and their there to help you with any problems you might have. But the number one pro is…It makes kick Ass Pizzas so none of the cons really matter. These ovens are awesome their made in the USA in New York come on now that’s Italian (yo Tony) so if your thinking of buying one go for it.

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