Reasons why to buy ilFornino Ovens rather than build your own!

Bill ABill A

Special thanks to Bill A. for reviewing ilFornino pizza ovens in Valley Cottage New York. It was a pleasure meeting you…

“ I have just arrived at ilFornino to pick up my pizza oven and I am really excited about my wood fired pizza oven. My original plan was to build an Eglow shaped oven. I have looked into what it takes to build the oven, it was a very complicated task. Special tools are needed and the project was going to be very expensive and time-consuming. To make things more complicated I have learned that a brick oven is going to take between 2-3 hours to heat up before I can cook the pizza. I was looking online and came across ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Company. Wow, I was impressed with what they have to offer. They make beautiful stainless steel pizza ovens with really nice flooring. I ended up buying the oven and we are so excited about hosting pizza parties at our home. We only need half an hour to heat it up instead of the 2-3 hours in a brick oven.“



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