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RobbaLee Hall


I have been researching for 3 or 4 years, how to build a cob oven. I read books, watch videos, drew sketches, calculated all the materials, let alone time. After we poured the concrete slab for the cob oven my husband said, ” Can’t you find something already made so we don’t kill off more brain cells? ” Ha Ha! Funny thing, He had brought home a magazine and on the front cover was a wood burning pizza oven. so I started researching already built ovens. On this model the stainless steel is beautiful, I love the one piece stone , verses several fire bricks on the bottom to cook your pizzas. I love that the insulation is a bit thicker. I’ve made bread, pizzas, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread. I cook the bread inside a Dutch oven. eventually I’m hoping to cook bread right on the stone. It is fun to create food in this oven. It is challenging, I keep the fire going if I’m going to cook more than one thing. You have to, of course watch the food carefully so as not to burn. But I love a love a love MY ILFORNINO pizza oven!!!!

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